Franck Kemkeng Noah

(Cameroon, 1992)

Born in Yaoundé in 1992, Franck Kemkeng Noah graduates with a Master in Fine Arts from IBAF. In 2017, he moves to Amiens (France) and follows a second Master in Artistic Research. Soon, he starts painting on abandonned carpets. The discarded household objects he finds on the streets become a new support for a series of works which serve as narrative points in the history of migrations.

Often labelled hybrid art, Franck Kemkeng Noah's work is an experimental approach mainly characterized mainly by painting. The artist's aesthetic research, at the core of which mixed productions are born, is a uniquely vibrant perspective on notions of interculturalism, identity, and civilization. The mixing of human cultures constituting the center of his concerns. 

"My traditional culture thus constitutes for me a true richness and my main source of inspiration which, in my creations, will merge with that which opens to me but also which is imposed by means such as globalization or immigration creating a kind of palace of memory. The confrontation with the works born from this experience encourages personal questioning about oneself, about the other, about our human and cultural nature. This idea of fusion between my traditional origins and the culture of the other for the creation of a new self is also inspired by Oswald de Andrade's Brazilian Anthropophagy."

Articulated through various means of artistic expression such as painting, sculpture, interactive performance, or installation, the dialogue between traditional African dances and masquerades, and mostly Western geographical and architectural spaces is the true protagonist of Kemkeng Noah's artistic universe. Since 2021, the artist has been living and working in Brussels (Belgium).

Kemkeng Possession de la Grand-Place Very FINAL
Kemkeng_Fission Koung Gang wFINAL
Kemkeng Intronisation FINAL
Kemkeng_Le Deuxième Palais FINAL
Titre - Juju dance du Vatican, technique - Acrylique sure tapis, 133x1
Kemkeng_Protection Aveugle FINAL
Titre - Purification, Acrylique sur toile , 162X130
Kemkeng_Affirmation wFINAL
titre - possession (le louvre au rythme des dogon du mali), 116X89
Kemkeng_L'Assemblée des Sociétés Secrètes FINAL